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Discount Professional Real Estate Services and Flat Fee MLS Services

We offer exceptional choices to sell your Florida home with a real estate professional or as a FSBO seller.

Florida Flat Fee MLS
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FSBO - MLS Entry Only Listing
For Builders, Real Estate Agents, Investors and Experienced Sellers
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1 Year Listing - Cancel Anytime
    Representation Type: Limited Service
    Transaction Broker

  • MLS,, Zillow, IDX+
    • • Local MLS
    • • IDX feed to All major real estate websites
  • Buyer Lead Forwarding - 7 Days a Week
    • • Instant public requests for showings
    • • Instant agent requests for showings
    • • Feedback requests after showing
    • • Call-in leads displayed in your control panel
  • Photos: 40 You can upload up to 40 photos for the Website and the MLS. Your photos will be distributed on the IDX to third party sites. We have no control on how may images third party sites display or the order in which they display.
  • Same Day Listing Entry For same day listing entry Mon-Fri: listing must be "complete" by 2PM EST. (If holiday, listing entered following business day.)

    "Complete" means: payment received, one (1) exterior front photo uploaded, listing agreement complete, and start date set to current (non future) date.
  • Listing Updates
    • • 3 price or commission changes per 30 day period at no additional charge.
    • • 1 change per 30 day period for any change other than price and commission at no additional charge
Professional Discount Real Estate
PRO full service real estate with expert representation
5-Star Team of Professionals
For sellers who want to sell for the most money with the least amount of stress
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6 Month Listing - 60 Day Notice To Cancel
    Representation Type: Full Service
    Single Agency (Fiduciary duty)

  • Broker Management:
  • CMA & Pre-listing price consultation A Comparative Market Analysis ("CMA") will be performed on your property by utilizing MLS data analysis technology that looks at other comparable properties ("comps") similar to yours that have been recently sold in your your immediate area. This analysis will take several factors into consideration including location, square footage, age, condition, etc. After reviewing the CMA, our top broker/agent will consult with you to obtain other info about your property that may not be evident in the CMA to help them establish an accurate estimate of market value.
  • Expert pricing advice After conducting an interview with you and reviewing the CMA and other data points that have been gathered, our top broker/agent will schedule a call to discuss their opinion of value.
  • Value-driven negotiation strategies With over 3 decades of experience in the real estate industry we have the knowledge and skill to get you top dollar for your home. We work to put you in a position of power during the negotiating process.
  • Multiple offer management Finding the highest value for a home is best achieved by creating competition between buyers through strategic pricing. Attracting multiple offers is just one part of the equation though; a negotiator's ability to effectively pace communications with the offering parties is the true art. To properly manage this tricky process, the professional listing agent must have experience and extreme patience, often waiting days on end to achieve the mission of finding the best buyer, in addition to the highest value. Our negotiating brokers have successfully managed hundreds of multiple offer scenarios to consistently and effectively dig out the best buyer while netting the most on the sale.
  • Buyer vetting & pre-approvals Our expert veteran brokers will carefully vet all prospective buyers, ensuring that all factors are considered so that you don't lose time off the market for an unqualified buyer or one that has other contingencies that will stall your deal and hurt your sale.
  • Contract addendums When managing a sale there are constant changes and negotiations that continue well beyond the initial contract. These changes are all executed via the appropriate addendums.
  • Closing (ALTA) statement review Review of ALTA for contractual costs: purchase price, seller credit (if applicable), commissions and fees. (Full review of ALTA for each line item will be performed by the closing agent/title company.)
  • Marketing:
  • MLS,, Zillow, IDX+ Your property will be listed for sale in your local MLS,, Zillow, as well as all available listing aggregators and popular real estate websites. The IDX is a data exchange between brokers that allows them to display one another's listings on each other sites. Will will say Yes to IDX publication in the MLS as well to ensure your listing has the most internet exposure possible.
  • Professional HDR photography Buyers rely on photographs when deciding which homes they want to see. Having good photos is critical to making a good first impression when your listing hits the real estate market. When you list with PRO, we provide professional photography services to ensure you will stand out from your competition. We'll coordinate with the photography company and find a time that works best with your schedule and we'll take care of the rest from there! (We will upload the photos into your account and the MLS once the photoshoot is complete).
  • Custom property flyer/brochure Custom Brochure:
    Our in-house graphic artists will build a custom listing flyer to spotlight the key selling features and feature the best photographs of your home.
  • Sign, post & lockbox Depending on your location, we'll either install a sign and post or ship them to you for easy installation. If you choose to use a lockbox for Realtors to access your property, we'll provide that too.
  • Professional Transaction Services:
  • Dedicated team of specialists We have a team of sepcialists in every aspect of the real estate transaction behind you to support your sale.
  • Property data gathering During the sign-up process, upon filling out your property data, you may find that some of this information is not readily available to you. We will assist in gathering data from resources available to ensure the most accurate listing data possible.
  • Professional property description writing Your onboarding specialist will collaborate with you to create descriptive text that will highlight your property's key features.
  • Listing-to-close file management Your dedicated transaction coordination liaison will professionally handle all aspects of the closing including: document management (Seller's Disclosure, other applicable disclosures and addendums), buyer's agent communications, status updates, title closing coordination, appointment scheduling/coordination (inspections, appraisals, closing & final walk-through), as well as all contract to close timeline compliance.
  • Showing scheduling & coordination Prior to activating your listing, our team will be in touch to go over your preferred showing notification methods (phone/email), timeframes and any requirements for notice, details about occupancy, pets to be aware of, access codes, and other details. Next, we'll set up the showing instructions in our system and on the MLS. When you listing goes live, we will facilitate both buyers and buyers' agents to coordinate showings on your property.
  • Electronic contract creation We use Authentisign secure online document signing service so that you can sign easily electronically. This makes it so parties in different locations can sign at different times without holding up a deal.
  • State & federal docs & disclosures We make sure all mandated documents and disclosures are completed to comply with all existing real estate law.
  • Contract timeline tracking Our expert transaction coordinators ensure that all contract timelines are followed closely to ensure all escrow deposits have been received on time and that other deadlines are met for the inspection, loan commitment and other important contract items.
  • Title services coordination Our transaction coordinators work hand in hand with the closing agent to communicate delivery of all required documents/disclosures. They will facilitate every aspect of title coordination, including obtaining and reviewing the preliminary closing statement as well as following up after closing to confirm receipt of the final ALTA statement and confirmation that the parties have been funded and closing is complete.
  • Escrow deposit confirmation When a buyer makes an offer, one or more escrow deposit will be due by a date specified in the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Our diligent transaction coordinators will ensure these funds have been received by the due date and if a deposit has not been received, will communicate with the buyer's agent/buyer to troubleshoot, while keeping your agent in the loop.
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Sell Your Florida Home Faster and For Full Value With Professional Real Estate Negotiators

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$1.41 Billion
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Want to get full service representation for selling your Florida home but want a low commission on the listing? The PRO professional discount real estate program allows you to receive the best negotiating team in the industry and have full service real estate at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to a traditional real estate agent. The PRO real estate team has decades of experience saving florida home sellers thousands of dollars on the sale of their home.

Sell Your Home PRO - Full Service for as low as 1.25% Listing Commission

  • Single Agency Representation, unlike most Florida Real Estate Agents (We work for your best interest)
  • The best negotiators in the industry - sell your Florida home for as much as 35% more than selling FSBO
  • A half of the cost of a traditional Florida agent
List Flat Fee MLS or FSBO?
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Our sellers save an average of $15,066.15

(we know, it seems too good to be true but we’ve been doing this for 16 years)

We offer state-of-the-art flat fee MLS for builders, flippers and experienced home sellers starting as low as $99

Real humans, real service, advanced technology

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  • Electronic notification of showings
  • Blackout calendar
  • Open Houses
  • Reoccurring Events
Instant Leads & Feedback Requests
  • Instant public requests for showings
  • Instant agent requests for showings
  • Feedback requests after showing
  • Call-in leads displayed in your control panel
Live Customer Support 7 Days A Week
  • Admin staff 7 days a week
  • Contact via phone, email or chat
  • Highly trained support staff
  • Exceptional customer service

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