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New Frontier Title

New Frontier Title, LLC, Title Companies & Agents, St Petersburg, FL
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New Frontier Title Provides Exceptional Service & Seamless Process

Seamless Closing Services

New Frontier Title is GetMoreOffers.com's preferred title insurance company. Because GetMoreOffers.com closes hundreds of deals a year through New Frontier, the communication process is:

Who Pays For Title Insurance

In Florida, the seller customarily controls and pays for title insurance premium except in Collier, Broward, Sarasota and Miami-Dade Counties, where the buyer may be responsible for the payment of the title insurance premium.

Before closing, the seller is usually required to provide evidence of clear title to the new buyer and lender. A title search and the resulting title insurance assures buyers and lenders that there are no liens on the property and identifies the balances, if any, of existing mortgages.

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Advantages of Using New Frontier Title For Your Closing

Besides the substantial discount you will receive on your MLS listing by using New Frontier Title, here are some other things to consider: