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1. Register & Pick Your Plan

2. Enter your home information online

Select the property type, enter details about the home, set your price, set a start date for the listing to go active, sign the electronic listing agreement and upload photos

3. Same day entry in the MLS*

Our staff will know when your property is ready for activation in the MLS. We will review all information and list your home on your local MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Your home will then be published on every major real estate website like, Zillow, and Trulia in addition to hundreds of other sites. 

4. Show your home

Our automated showing request software will communicate directly between you and the agents when showing requests are made.  As well, your personal contact info will be displayed to agents in the MLS in a special section for agents only, should they wish to call and get further info about your property.

5. Receive offers on your home

When an agent submits an offer on your home, it will be instantly displayed on your listing control panel for you to review. You will also receive an email notification that the offer has come in.

6. Go to your closing

Once the closing date arrives, your property will officially be SOLD!  Now you can count all the money you saved using

How a Flat Fee Listing Differs From a Full Service Realtor®

In a standard real estate transaction with a Realtor®, the seller agrees to compensate the Realtor® a percentage of the sale price, typically around 6% for a house. The Realtor® then places the property in the Multiple Listing Service, offering around half (3%) of their commission to any agent who delivers a buyer to purchase the home.

In a flat fee MLS listing, the seller pays a broker a flat fee to place the listing into the MLS. The broker will still offer compensation (3%) to any agents who find a buyer, as required by most Multiple Listing Services. The savings would be in the form of 3% of the sale price, minus the fee you paid up front. At Get More Offers, the seller chooses how much commission to offer to the buyers’ agents in the MLS.

The Savings Can Be Great!

If you were to sell your home for $200,000, using a 6% Realtor® you would have to pay $12,000 in commission ($6,000 to the Realtor® you listed your property with plus $6,000 to the agent who found a buyer for you.) If you used a flat fee listing service, your commission owed would be only $6,399 ($399 for the flat fee—using our GOLD Advanced MLS Listing program, for example, plus $6,000 to the agent who found a buyer for you.) By using a flat fee MLS service instead of a full service agent, you would save $5,601!

Find a Buyer Yourself, Pay ONLY the Flat Fee and No Other Commission!

Occasionally the buyer for a property is not working with a buyer’s agent. With our flat fee listing brokers, if the buyer who purchases your property does not have an agent, you will pay no other commission besides the up front flat fee you paid during signup. Many full service Realtors® would keep the entire 6% commission for themselves, even if the buyer came to the deal with no agent.

*For same day listing entry Mon-Fri: listing must be complete** by 4PM EST. (If holiday, listing entered following business day.)

Saturday & Sunday: Completed listings will be entered on the next business day (Monday unless holiday).

MLS Express 2 week trial may take up to 48 hours.

**Complete" means: payment received, one (1) exterior front photo uploaded, listing agreement complete, and start date set to current (non future) date.