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Tips On Writting Your Property Description

Writing your property description...
Be imaginative and descriptive with your words; ask yourself, if you were the buyer, would you want to see this house? The more adjectives you use, the better. Remember the way you market and price your home will make the difference between a sold house and one that's still for sale.

Some tips:

  • Intro should be the most distinctive feature of your property, i.e., the view, location, architectural design, etc.
  • Body of property description should elaborate more about the intro and to tell about the highlights of the home or things that make it unique, i.e., layout, specific extras, upgrades, new appliances, paint or roof, any exterior features that add value, etc.
  • Next, describe the community and the amenities it has to offer, or if no amenities, then talk about the location.
  • Sum it up with a phrase that might evoke emotion in a buyer or promote action, i.e., "Don't Miss This One!" or "Come See Today."
  • Words that denote "curb appeal" or general attractiveness help a property sell faster than those that speak of "value" and "price". Homes described as "beautiful" sell faster and for a higher price. "Good-value" homes usually sell for less. A Canadian professor found that homes, where the seller was "motivated", took 15 percent longer to sell, while houses listed as "handyman specials" flew off the market in half the average time.