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Sinkholes in Spring Hill Florida - Timber Pines

Our investor has bought and resold several sinkhole homes in 55+ golfing community of Timber Pines, in Spring Hill, Florida. Through experience, he has chosen to use the preferred and more expensive sinkhole repair method called pinning. This Stabilization and Engineering Report is one example of a Timber Pines home in Spring Hill that had such a sinkhole claim.

Timber Pines has an unusually high number of sinkhole claims. Sinkholes are common in the Greater Tampa Bay area and are typically caused by the natural forming Swiss-cheese like caverns under the home that over time might expand and then cause a weakness in the foundation of the home. When this occurs, a typical indication of foundation instability might be cracks in the exterior wall that look like stair steps. The wider the crack the more significant the sinkhole may be.

We can assist you with making an insurance claim, arranging for an engineer to evaluate the best solution and a reliable licensed sinkhole repair company to provide an estimate of repair.

If you would to explore selling the home before or after the claim to our investor, please call Keith Gordon 727-942-2929 and I will arrange a meeting for you.