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Services You Receive With Your SOLO, SoloMAX or PRO Listing

The flat fee MLS listing services offered by® goes far beyond any other similar flat fee listing service.

There are many features and service commitments that separate® from other flat fee MLS listing services.

First, all incoming phone calls from Realtors® seeking showing instructions are answered by live, friendly, and knowledgeable humans 7 days a week. At first glance, you may think that this service is unnecessary because the seller's phone number is published in the MLS. But, only 50% of the Realtors® pay attention to these MLS instructions and instead call the flat fee MLS listing service for assistance. Or, if the Realtor doesn't reach the seller as instructed, they are quick to call the flat fee MLS listing broker. Also, in no seller contact information is allowed which makes answering the phone a paramount responsibility.

When phone calls come in, we are ready to assist these Realtors® and buyers with your exact custom showing instructions 7 days a week. We email you confirmation of each appointment or request for information.

Another feature that separates® from other more common flat fee MLS listing services is our attention to details. Most sellers think getting listed in the MLS by a flat fee MLS listing service is all they need. This is not true!

Once a buyer wants to make an offer, the buyer's agent needs certain disclosures such as a seller's disclosure, mold disclosures, and possibly HOA disclosures and budgets. We have these documents stored in each seller's account ready to emailed or downloaded by an agent. Any Realtor® that is interested in making an offer can view these "public" documents 4 ways: by following a link contained inside the email that we send after any Realtor calls for showing instructions; by calling and requesting these documents; by going to® and entering the MLS number as these public documents are stored in every account; lastly, in the email requesting feedback from that showing Realtor. We make the process of making an offer rather simple.

Communication is paramount. Each seller has their own "control panel" to change anything about their flat fee MLS listing by clicks. Once a change is made to a seller's account, an email is sent to the seller confirming each change.

This is just the beginning of the excellent service you'll receive when listed through®. Our past flat fee MLS sellers say it best.

We offer 2 flat fee programs. Our SOLO program offers experienced tech-savvy clients the ability to enter their property into our system for a very low cost. Our SoloMAX program offers complete management of sale from listing to close by your own dedicated closing coordinator and extended broker consultations at the start of your listing. Our PRO program offers expert negotiation services and advice by our veteran brokers. This is full-service real estate at a fraction of the cost. Compare all of our programs Here