Knowledge Center - Real Estate Articles Years of Service Badge, America's Most Trusted By Owner MLS Listing Software is recognized in Florida, New York and soon many other states as the most reliable and comprehensive MLS listing web based software platform available. The® brand has proven to be successful in cities such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, and Raleigh.® gained the trust and confidence of flat fee MLS sellers throughout Florida and New York as the number one provider of reliable flat fee MLS listings.

More than a website

Unlike many national MLS websites, has been developing our listing software since 2005 to manage thousands of listings flawlessly. The software was designed and built by people actually administrating flat fee MLS listings in Florida and New York so every possible need has been addressed.

  • Checks and balances in the system insure you will not drop the ball on your clients.
  •® is like having a cyber assistant working 24 hours a day, every day.

Advanced Internet Marketing

First impressions are critically important to keep a professional image. Once a flat fee client's property is in the® MLS Listing System, RSS feeds send the new listing around the Internet to various prolific real estate websites. Clients have the option to blog about their new MLS listing directly from® MLS listing software. This increases exposure and creates leads. With®, premium listings take just seconds to input instead of 20 minutes per listing.

Users Have Control

To grow a base of satisfied MLS clients, every client's listing changes, etc. must be tracked and handled professionally. The® MLS listing software makes this possible. Everyone saves time and obtains beter results.

User friendly, intuitive software makes for happy clients. Happy clients re-list, add additional listings, and refer clients. The FSBO with MLS seller can edit every aspect of the MLS listing from their personalized control panel.

They can:

  • change price or commission
  • edit photos
  • add or change property description
  • upgrade flat fee MLS programs
  • print picture-perfect flyers
  • add accessories

...And more, all on the fly. Our system notifes every party when they need to take action.

Communication made simple

  • From the beginning, the client is kept informed of every event that may affect their MLS listing. Client "email verification" allows the client to view and accept the actual MLS listing as accurate or edit the errors.
  • The® software tracks website hits and keeps a history of all client changes and buyer leads. Automatic emails are generated by the system for you so you need not worry about reminding clients when their listings are about to expire.
  • As well, the system conveniently stores any seller documents as public or private such as seller's disclosures, surveys, and floor plans. Never wonder where the buyer or seller file went because the® MLS listing system tracks offers, counter-offers, and the closing itself.
  • Buyer leads or showing requests are stored in the system and the flat fee seller is sent an email confirmation that a showing request was made.
  • This is only a small overview of the powerful and effective® MLS listing software.