New Construction Rebate

New Construction Rebate

Want to earn a HUGE REBATE when purchasing your new construction home?

Does *$9,900 motivate you?

Does a 66% rebate from the broker Keith Gordon sound like real cash to you?

Well it is simple.... Here how it works and the math:

*Example: $500,000 (sales price)

All large builders have commissions built into their budgets to pay Realtors for bringing buyers. They plan for anywhere from 3 to 7% for commissions when budgeting a project; But even if you don’t use an agent. you still get no discount off the sales price. So, you might as well use a buyer's agent like Keith Gordon with 31 years experience as a Florida Realtor/Broker, along with his extensive experience in new construction. Keith once owned his own building company and has been the manager for 100’s of new construction sales. In addition, you might as well have a buyer's agent that will send you a check for 66% of the offered commission!

Sales Price Buyers Agent Commission Total Commission Your Rebate
$500,000 3% $15,000 $9,900
$500,000 4% $20,000 $13,200
$500,000 5% $25,000 $16,500
$500,000 6% $30,000 $19,800
$500,000 7% $35,000 $23,100

1. PROTECT YOUR REBATE Let the builder's representative know that you have an agent (Keith Gordon/ADDvantage Real Estate) and you want to register him as your agent WHEN YOU FIRST ENTER THE MODEL HOME. All you do is say, I want to register my agent and his name is Keith Gordon, ADDvantage Real Estate."

2. FILL OUT A PURCHASE AGREEMENT with the builder's representative and email the agreement (BEFORE SIGNING) to then call 877-232-9695 and ask for Keith or Renee and we will review the agreement with you.

3. DOWNLOAD THE ADDvantage REBATE AGREEMENT now and send it to before looking at homes.